We very occasionally have ridden geldings or mares for sale, usually after they have done a season's showing under saddle, but we may also have youngsters suitable for performance.  If you can't see what you're looking for, do get in touch with us - see Contact Us page.







Southley Pimpernel 

ex Southley Pipit

Bred by Adrian and Carolyn Dipaola
Grey stallion 42”, born February 2004

Lolly is typical of the Southley breeding, beautiful head, masses of hair and well up to height.  Like all big youngsters he is taking his time to mature, but should grow up to be a valuable asset to the stud.  His 2010 foals are big and well boned with his lovely head and look as if they will help to keep the Southley type going.  Lolly has come out under saddle in 2010.

Pictured in May 2010, with Tabs in the pouring rain!


**** SOLD ****




Coppice Dandy Jack 

ex Coppice Dolly Vera (Scamells Cracker ex Coppice Dolly Virginia)
Black mare 39", born May 2004



A very feminine, elegant mare - very much of the 'Dolly' line.  Glossy jet black, beautiful head and eye and active, flowing paces that cover the ground.  


Dolly Marie was professionally broken and schooled by Natalie Greasley and goes forward in a good outline and lovely manners. 


Dolly Marie is currently based at a children's yard in Worcester, where she has been since August 2013.  She has now done just about everything, including helping several tiny people to come off the lead.  She is an old hand at horse agility and mounted games, has done show classes on and off the lead, jumps small worker courses, hacks out in all weathers and will stand for hours being dressed up as a princess.


Pretty, sweet and kind, she loves children and children love her. Would be a great pony for a family to do LR, FR, PC and fun stuff.


Pictured in July 2013 with four year old Evie.



... and in July 2013 with eight year old Kitty.



**** SOLD ****

Coppice Fanfare

ex Coppice Briar Rose (Glenfall Excelsior ex Blossom of Luckdon)
Skewbald (bay and white) filly 42”, born 1 May 2006

A stunning, well-marked, very feminine filly with a beautiful head and her father's extravagant and ground-covering movement.  Broken and produced by Natalie Greasley.  

Stunning to look at and naturally well-balanced, with the sweetest and most amenable temperament, Brig is one of the best ridden Shetlands around and will go right to the top in the right hands.  She has the extra advantage of being able to do CHAPS classes as well as breed classes and mixed M&M's.

Pictured September 2012 at the CHAPS Champs with seven year old Kitty Marlow.

... and double clear with Kitty at The Thurlow Hunt Mini Hunter Trial, October 2012.

(photo by www.flashharryphotography.com)

... and with Hope at the Shetland Performance Show..




**** SOLD ****


Coppice Bandsman 

ex Coppice Posy (Coppice Bugle ex Newtown Peppermint)
Chestnut gelding 40.5", born 31 May 2007

Smashing big gelding with good limbs and substance and a kind, if cheeky, temperament.   Gorgeous colour and very eye-catching.  Broken in autumn 2011 and has done his first few shows in 2012, already winning his Novice LR ticket (he won't be entered this year, so will still be a novice LR next year).

Pagan is a lovely LR pony and is ready to go on as a junior's pony, but will need a bit more ring experience before he can go off lead in FR.  He'll be turned out to mature over the winter and brought on again as a six year old.

Pictured with Olivia (aged five) and Imogen, Shetland Performance Show, July 2012.


... and with Lenni (aged 14) at NCPA Newark, April 2012.
... and doing Young Handler with Poppy (eight), July 2012.



**** SOLD ****


Coppice Bandsman ex Coppice Posy (Coppice Bugle ex Newtown Peppermint)
Chestnut (flaxen mane & tail) 40+”, born May 2005

A very attractive mare with a good body, short cannons and masses of substance.  Good, strong chestnut colour with flaxen mane and tail.  Foaled a smart chestnut colt in 2009 and again in 2010.  

Broken to ride in autumn 2011 and going quietly on the lunge.  Will need a bit more training to get her off the lead and would then make a smashing children's ridden pony with a little more schooling. 
Pictured in July 2008.


Coppice Bugle ex Sapphire Faith (Lockinge Giles ex Clothie Fran)
Skewbald 40.5”, born 1992
Stallion no: AB 0564

We were lucky enough to buy Fanfare back in 2002 from Peter and Leonie Sellars of the Dryknowl Stud. Fanfare is a good natured, very smart, well marked stallion, dark bay and white, looking almost piebald. He has loads of bone and the most amazing, active trot.  He is starting to have a big influence on our black and coloured stock.  Being produced under saddle by Natalie Greasley and turning heads everywhere.

Pictured April 2007 with Nat after winning a huge in-hand coloured class at Rugby...

...and with Tabs at Showlands Elite Evening Performance, September 2008.

(photo by Photo-Kinesis)


Coppice Bugle 

ex Gometra Tweed
Skewbald 41”, born 1994

Topper is a big, handsome chap with tremendous bone and hair.  He spent three weeks with Natalie Greasley in June 2006 - less than a week after he came back from Nat's he was at the Shetland Performance Show and turned out to be the star of our string.  What an absolute treasure!  

Tops continued to shine in 2007, winning both the novice workers (with Tabs Smith) and Picton (with Nat) at NPS Area XI and then taking both tickets again plus both reserve champs a few weeks later at the Three Counties!  He also qualified for the NPS Junior Workers with Tabs and the Novice FR with eight year old Hope.

He has continued the good work in 2008 and 2009 and is now also competing junior ridden with eight year old Ellie Jones.

Pictured at Showlands, September 2009, with Tabs.

(photo by Photo-Kinesis)


...and at the NPS Summer Championships August 2007 with Tabs. (photo by Matt Nuttall Photography)


Glenfall Excelsior 

ex Chatsworth Dolly Vera
Black 41”, born 1987

Drummer is a star. He has done everything – lead rein, first ridden, open ridden, WHP, dressage and a PC one day event - the dressage judges' comment?  "We love Drummer!"


 In the 2006 Shetland Performance Awards Drum and Tayah retained the Gymkhana Cup they won in 2005, were second in the WHP section again, Tayah was third best rider in her age group and, at the ripe age of 19, Drum was fifth overall pony in the scheme.  What a total hero!  And what a dream pairing he and Tayah made.  

Drum has recently gone on loan to a steeplechasing yard in Oxfordshire as a travelling and turnout companion for youngsters, performing a valuable job and seeing a bit of the world instead of standing in the field at home and watching the lorry go off to shows without him.
Here he is jumping for joy with Tayah, July 2004.  

... and with Jo off for a hack with the cobs, August 2009.







**** SOLD ****




Coppice Bandsman 

ex Coppice Dolly Daydream (Coppice Dandy Jack ex Coppice Dolly Diana)
Bay 40”, born 2002, 10 years



Daisy is a super, quality mare, very typey with bone and substance, a very pretty head and lots of hair.  Professionally broken to ride by Natalie Greasley last year and only lightly shown last season. Now in her second year under saddle and competing novice ridden, FR, LR and LR jumping, juniors and opens - she goes as well in a snaffle or two reins and has just qualified for the open FR final at NPS Champs*.  Jumping small courses off lead at home and has a natural talent for the future.  


Also shown in hand and placed well since a yearling, including champion Midlands in Hand 2005, champion Fillongley 2009 etc and shown with success in young handlers.  Bred a super foal in 2007.



Poppy and Daisy at the BSPS area 6 Show May 2011, open first ridden class.




**** SOLD ****



Coppice Bandsman 
ex Lockinge Elspeth
Chestnut, 39.5” born 1997

Ed is so handsome and so full of character, we just love him. At the 2006 SPSBS Breed Show he was champion gelding overall! Ed had six weeks' training with Natalie Greasley in April '06 and did two years with Tabs Smith, including workers and turns out to have a real 'ping' and loves his job. He qualified for the Picton in 2007.

2008 saw him start a partnership with Ellie Jones and in 2009 they are having a wonderful time in FR, taking the mini championship at Leicester County, reserve at NCPA Derbys and gaining a well-deserved fourth in the HOYS FR qualifier at Staffs Country Festival, among a host of smart Welsh and Dartmoors.
Pictured July 2007 at NPS Area 17 with Tabs...

(photo by Horsepower Photography)


Coppice Bugle 

ex Glenfall Contessa
Skewbald 42”, born 1999

Check is a really good sort - not exactly an oil painting, but handsome in his own way, strong and good-natured.  Safe and understanding with the kids, but still forward going enough to be fun.   After four weeks' schooling with Natalie Greasley in October 2006 Check has a new lease of life and made his first appearance in the ring with Jo at the National Shetland Performance Show in July 2007.

Check has now moved up north with his friend Scottie to live with grandchildren Ed and Jo. 

Pictured with Jo at the National Shetland Performance Show July 2007.



1988 to 2005

Lockinge Cassius ex Kensons Demelza (by Lockinge Giles)
Chestnut with flaxen mane and tail 39”


David died suddenly on 29 June 2005 and there was a huge hole in our lives where this little blond pony once stood.

What do you say about a pony like this?  Bombproof, safe as houses, good looking and adored by children, David would  jump anything and was scared of nothing. He would carry the smallest child in safety but would instinctively know if his rider was more experienced and wanted more fun.

David was the pony of a lifetime and we loved him to bits.

Pictured May 2005 with Jo.





**** SOLD ****


Coppice Dandy Jack ex Coppice Dolly Diana (Glenfall Excelsior ex Glenfall Dolly Daydream), Black 37.5”, born 1998


A sweet little mare with a pretty head, well made and typey.  Shown in hand with success as a youngster and bred four super foals.  

Professionally broken by Natalie Greasley in Feb/Mar this year ('09) and going sweetly on and off the lead.  Real show quality and would make a classy lead rein pony for a small jockey, as well as a nice in-hand mare.  

Had her first outing under saddle at Leicester County and was placed sixth in a good class of smart Welsh and Dartmoors. Adores children and loves being busy, groomed and fussed.  Good to do in all ways.

Daydream enjoyed herself at the National Shetland Performance Show, Malvern, July 11 and 12 2009, in a variety of classes - lead rein, first ridden and in-hand, taking it all in her stride.


Now sold to Emma Moffat and family.



Pictured at the National Shetland Performance Show, July 2009, taking first place in the Lead Rein Pony with Harry and Imogen....


Off for a hack with Drummer and Jo, August 2009...




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