Photo © Bob Langrish MBE




Sapphire Vasheer 

ex Coppice Dolly Diana (Glenfall Excelsior ex Glenfall Dolly Daydream)
Black mare 40.5”, born 14 October 2007

Diana's well-kept secret!  A lovely, lovely bonus at the end of the season in 2007 and a very smart filly.  Ran with Dryknowl Colcarrick (chestnut & white) in 2017.

Pictured June 2012.



Scamells Cracker ex Coppice Dolly Virginia (Glenfall Excelsior ex Chatsworth Dolly Vera), Black 40”, born 1997

Vera is a quality mare with good movement and plenty of presence, with a lot of fizz like her father.  Producing big, elegant foals for performance.  Ran with Dryknowl Colcarrick (chestnut & white) in 2017.

Pictured May 2009.


Ardo Superstar ex Southfieldgate Mirabelle, Bred by Sandra Forsyth, Black 40.5”, born 1998

Myrtle has the most tremendous mane and tail and looks like a true wild pony. She has thrown four gorgeous black fillies in a row to C Dandy Jack before going to Sapphire Vasheer to produce a super colt in 2008 and an even better filly in 2009.  Ran with Dryknowl Colcarrick (chestnut & white) in 2017.

Pictured May 2006.


Coppice Bandsman ex Sapphire Faith (Lockinge Giles ex Clothie Fran), Black 40”, born 1996

Fortune isn’t really part of our black stock, as her father is chestnut and her mother blue roan. She is very substantial, a real brood mare, and throws big, laid back foals for performance.

Pictured in August 2003.  Ran with Dryknowl Colcarrick (chestnut & white) in 2017.



Glenfall Excelsior 

ex Glenfall Dolly Daydream 

(Highfield Leander ex Chatsworth Dolly Vera) 

Black 40”, born 1989

Diana is a very beautiful, sweet natured mare with a lovely body, good, short cannons and luxuriant mane and tail. She oozes quality. She has been a prolific winner in hand over the years, winning many championships.  Although not shown for three years we brought her out again for the SPSBS Breed Show 2006, where she won her veteran class and was reserve veteran champion.  A week later she won the Shetland championship at Moorgreen in a very good field!  

Diana astonished us all in October 2007 by producing a lovely filly to Vasheer! She then proved it wasn't a fluke by giving us a very smart colt by Vasheer in 2009.

Pictured in August 2006 at the SPSBS Breed Show.




1991 to 2017

Glenfall Excelsior 

ex Blossom of Luckdon

(by Thunder of Marshwood) 

Black 39”, born 1991

Rosie is another beautiful daughter of Sior, with a lot of quality and presence. She has done well in the show ring on the few occasions that we’ve taken her out. She throws quality stock with superb movement, lots of presence and performance ability.   Rosie has given us some wonderful, big foals to C. Fanfare and is now in well-earned retirement.

Pictured in 1999.



1985 to 2012


Highfield Leander

ex Exuberance of Wetherden
Bred by Jane Cullingford

Black 38”, born 1985

Little Ex came to us as a foal from Jane Cullingford of Glenfall with her mother, Big Ex. She had a lot of quality and presence, a good body, short cannons and the sweetest head. She had a handful of pretty foals but not really the best of luck as a broodmare.  She was in her element as a show mare.

She left us in November 2012 and is buried with her friend Bryony not far from Sunrising Hill on the edge of the Cotswolds.  Rest in peace little ones.
Photo shows Little Ex at sixteen.



2001 to 2011


Sapphire Vision ex Knock Jamiroquai, bred by Chris and Ruth Gwilliam, Black 38”, born 2 June 2001

Sadly, we lost poor Joy in December 2011, just before Christmas, from a freak accident.  She was a smashing little mare, full of substance and quality and gave us two outstanding bay and white fillies to Coppice Fanfare.  A tragically short life for such a good little mare.
Pictured May 2009.


1991 to 2006

Glenfall Excelsior

ex Chatsworth Dolly Vera

Black 41”, born 1991

Ginny was a true member of the “Dolly” line, a big mare of performance type, with a good head and kind eye and a sensible temperament. Full sister to Coppice Drummer and Coppice Driver, she produced big, free moving foals to Coppice Dandy Jack.  We can't believe that she's gone and we miss her terribly.  Luckily we still have her daughter Coppice Dolly Vera, who has a terrific look of her mom about her.
Photo shows Ginny with her 2000 colt foal, Coppice Victor. 


...and the one 

who started it all …



1969 to 2008


Wells Superfine ex Braes of Greenock Dolly Varden, Black 41”, born 1969


Our Grand Old Lady left us on 21st May 2008 at the amazing age of 39.
The contribution Dolly made to the Coppice ponies can still be seen in today’s sixth generation – a handsome, old-fashioned head with a large eye and ‘the look of eagles’, lots of quality, an elegant, ground-covering stride and a bold and extremely determined nature.
Independent and no-nonsense to the last, Dolly left us of her own accord and saved us that final, awful decision that we all dread. She survived two daughters and a son and two husbands. A truly amazing lady.
Thank you Dolly, for all that you did for us. You were a dear old friend and a matriarch whose like we may never see again. Sleep tight old girl.

Photo shows Dolly at 22 with Ginny as a foal.



1983 to 2014

Highfield Leander ex Chatsworth Dolly Vera, Black 40”, born 1983

Bonny was our first ever Coppice foal.  Dolly was carrying her when we bought her from Jane Cullingford of the Glenfall Stud in 1982.  Bonny has bred some super foals over the years, including Coppice Brigadier by Scamells Cracker.  After Brig she decided she was bored of motherhood and refused to get in foal for several years but produced a super bay colt to Coppice Fanfare in 2004, who was sold as a driving pony.  This was her last foal and she lived in very happy retirement for many years.  

We made the agonising decision to say goodbye to Bonny after two hard winters had started to take their toll and life just wasn't any fun any more.  Bye bye girly, we miss you.
Photo shows Bonny in May 2004.




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