Stallion no:  AM1023/S12

Sapphire Venture ex Clivocast Gypsy
Bred by Pam Smith
Black 38, born 9 May 2001

Passed VVE Feb 2012
Vash is a very chunky boy with tremendous bone, terrific quarters and a beautiful, short head with a large eye.  We have used him with great success on Cracker and Jack's daughters to retain their quality but increase the substance. 

Pictured in April 2012.


Scamells Cracker ex Glenfall Dolly Daydream (Highfield Leander ex Chatsworth Dolly Vera) 
Black 40.5, born 1993

Stallion no:  S96 050 (now gelded)

Jack is a good natured jet black pony with an exquisite head, lots of quality and active movement. He has thrown many big, quality foals with good temperaments.  Now retired and gelded and living happily in a mixed group of mares, geldings and youngsters.

Pictured in June 1998.


Sup. Champ 



1982 to 2007

Lakehead Minstrel ex Cutt Mill Courgette
Bred by Mrs Monro
Black 38.5, born 1982
Stallion no: 3482

Cracker left us on Saturday 14th July 2007 and headed for the great mountain & moorland in the sky.

He spent his last seven years on loan with Mandy Jones and the girls in Nottinghamshire.  Thank you,  Mandy, for looking after him so well and for giving him the most wonderful retirement that a handsome boy could wish for.
A truly black black, he gave us Coppice Dandy Jack, together with several quality, well boned mares with good bodies and feisty temperaments. And there was life in the old boy even at 23 - in 2005 Mandy was delighted with a surprise October filly foal! 

Pictured in 1995.




1983 to 2014


Entwhistle of Wetherden ex Exuberance of Wetherden
Bred by Jane Cullingford
Black 41, born 1983
Stallion no: 3666


Why do ponies have to get old? Sior was a magnificent stallion in his day and gave us some wonderful, big mares with lovely temperaments and geldings with quality and exceptional movement.  We have several great grandchildren.  He was retired and gelded in 2009 and had several  years living the quiet life, occasionally with company but mostly preferring to be out in a small paddock on his own, tucking into the grass and dozing in the sun.

Sior looked terrific for a long time but the last few winters took their toll as his poor old teeth gave up and, despite several hard feeds a day, rugs and stables, he was starting to diminish.  After many months of agonising we finally decided to say goodbye to this grand old man, whose legacy is almost immeasurable.  We do miss him.

Pictured mid-90's.




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