If you want to get ahead - get a hat!


Posy and Ballerina have designs on Jo's headgear.







Abbotsford Ice Cube (Lolly) 

ex Coppice Posy
Chestnut roan and white filly, going roan/grey, to make 41”, born 25 May 2013

Exquisite, tall filly with Lolly's lovely head and nicely marked.  Lots of bone and substance, a lovely stamp.  Top show/performance potential. Ran with Sapphire Vasheer (black) in 2017.

Pictured August 2017.





Abbotsford Ice Cube (Lolly) 

ex Riccalton Marigold
Chestnut, going roan filly to make 40+, born 12 May 2013

Outstanding chunky filly with Lolly's lovely head, a big eye and lots of presence.  Very correct and show quality.  Born chestnut like her full brother C Maverick and is now 'pink' roan like him.  Mollie has had a terrific first year in hand, winning first 1,2,3 year old at Royal Three Counties, first 2/3 year old, junior champion and reserve standard coloured champion at National Shetland Show of Wales and first standard 2/3 year old and standard junior champion at the Shetland Performance Show 2015.  Ran with Sapphire Vasheer (black) in 2017.

Pictured August 2017.



Abbotsford Ice Cube 'Lolly' (Grey)

ex Coppice Fortune (Black)

Black, going grey/roan filly, to make 40/41, born 28 July 2014


Fortune held onto this one for months, so we had just written her off as empty last year when she popped out this little beaut.  Darling little head, long legs and terrific movement.  Now going grey  but will probably stay steel grey rather than going white. Ran with Sapphire Vasheer (black) in 2017.


Pictured August 2017.




Coppice Fanfare 

ex Coppice Belle Blue (Firebird of Spring Cottage ex Cwmhen Beauty)
Blue and white 38", born May 2004

A very nice, chunky little mare with super limbs and body and a sweet, unruffled  temperament.  Shown in hand as a youngster with success. 


Has thrown chestnut and white fillies.  A very sweet, kind little mare, very steady and sensible like her mother (who was driven as a youngster).  


Pictured June 2016.




Claylands Chieftain ex Riccalton Crocus

Bred by Mrs C E Logan
Chestnut roan 40+”, born 18 May 2005

A beautiful mare, gorgeous colour, lovely head and eye.  We were very lucky to be able to buy her as a yearling from Connie Logan.  Has produced a very smart chestnut colt in 2009 to Coppice Everyman and has since produced a smashing grey roan foals to Abbotsford Ice Cube (Lolly) to cement the Southley/Riccalton connection. Ran with Coppice Bandsman (chestnut) in 2017.
Pictured in June 2012.

Photo by Bob Langrish.



Coppice Bandsman (chestnut)

ex Sapphire Faith (blue roan) (Lockinge Giles ex Clothie Fran)
Blue roan 38”, born October 2004

A pretty, chunky little mare, good roan breeding going back to the famous Clothie ponies.  Throws chunky roan/grey roan foals with lots of character.  Ran with Sapphire Vasheer (black) in 2017.


Pictured June 2014.



Coppice Bugle ex Newtown Peppermint
Chestnut & white 38”, born 1993

Peppermint and Bugle produced a number of chunky colts and fillies with good bone and hair, skewbald and chestnut. Posy is the only daughter we retained from that pairing, and we wish we’d kept more! She has produced a variety of colours to various of our stallions - blue roan, skewbald, chestnut and black. 

Pictured in May 2004.


Seva Tobermory ex Seva Loveday
Bred by Mesdames Whitaker and Davies
Chestnut & white 36”, born 1990

An enchanting little mare of true Seva stamp, well marked with a smashing head and real substance. Wednesday came to us as as a two year old from Peggy Whitaker, and has consistently produced typey, compact foals, skewbald, blue and white and bay roan to Firebird of Spring Cottage. To Coppice Bandsman she has produced skewbald replicas of herself, with a little more height. 

Pictured in 2002.


Coppice Bandsman ex Lockinge Elspeth
Chestnut 38”, born 1994

A super little mare, typical of Bandsman stock, well boned with a good body and quality head and front. Very successful as a youngster before she decided she preferred the field to the show ring. She has produced several good, chunky foals to Coppice Bobby Blue, chestnut and roan. 
Pictured May 2005 with C. Ballerina.


Firebird of Spring Cottage ex Cwmhen Beauty
Blue roan 36.5”, born 1991

A delightful little mare, sweet natured and perfectly formed, like her full brothers Coppice Bandsman and Coppice Bobby Blue. Very successful in the show ring through the years. Sold as a foal and bought back some years ago, Belle has given us piebald and blue and white foals of her own stamp. 

Currently on loan with a lovely family in the Cotswolds.  She was unbroken when she arrived with them and now spends the summer taking tiny grandchildren on picnic rides. 
Pictured late 1990's.




1980 to 2014


Lockinge Giles ex Lockinge Enid
Bred by Mrs Knight
Bay 39”, born 1980


In May 2014 we said goodbye to Ellie, after many months of agonising over her future, following two hard winters and her teeth deteriorating rapidly.  It was very sad to see her start to decline, after many years of looking fantastic and wintering better than mares five years her junior.  She was such a beautiful mare and so sweet.  She had some truly lovely foals over the years, always around 39", well-boned, full of character but always very steady.

We really miss her.
Photo shows Ellie aged 14,when she was Champion at the Midlands In Hand Show the only time we showed her, with Coppice Eloise.




1984 to 2012


Lockinge Giles ex Clothie Fran
Bred by Pam Smith
Blue roan 39”, born 1984


Dear little Faith left us in June 2012 after a short illness.  She was a real little trooper and just as we were starting to make some headway there were complications and she lost the fight.  She was 28 but, even so, it seemed too soon to let her go.


Faith was a sweet, sweet little mare who produced many good foals over the years to both Blue and Bandsman and gave us our gorgeous Fanfare by Coppice Bugle. She owed us nothing and had been happily retired for many years, living out with her best friends, Ellie and Bonny, 'The Three Old Ladies'.


Bye bye little girl, I'm so sad that you've gone.

Photo shows Faith aged 12 with Coppice Fanfare.




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