Photo © Bob Langrish MBE




**** SOLD ****



Southley Pimpernel 

ex Southley Pipit

Bred by Adrian and Carolyn Dipaola
Grey stallion 42”, born 25 February 2004

Stallion no:  AQ1075/S12

Lolly is typical of the Southley breeding, beautiful head, masses of hair and well up to height, with a kind and trainable nature.   His foals are big and well boned with his lovely head and will help to keep the Southley line going.  Professionally broken to ride, Lolly came out under saddle in 2010 but has been busy making beautiful babies since then.

For sale as a breeding/ridden stallion or can be gelded to make a lovely children's ridden pony.

Pictured in March 2017.


Coppice Fanfare ex Craven Coletta (Knock Fanfare ex Gatebeck Colanna)
Skewbald 40”, born 2002
Stallion no: AN1296 S05 67

Many thanks to Peter and Leonie for letting us have Carrick here at Coppice.  Fanfare is still going strong but we couldn't miss the opportunity to have one of his sons to carry on the good work.  Carrick is a lovely boy, very nice nature, masses of chunk and hair like his dad, lovely limbs and big body.  Has produced a smashing big bay colt in 2015 to Coppice Dolly Dinah.

Pictured June 2013.



AP2028 S13


**** SOLD ****



Coppice Bobby Blue 

ex Coppice Eloise (Coppice Bandsman ex Lockinge Elspeth)
Chestnut 37.5”, born April 2003

Stallion no:  AP2028/S13


An absolutely cracking little bloke, very typey, with a lovely short head, stocky limbs and bone, lots of hair and bags of character.  Plus a very active way of going, as you can see from the photo – wouldn’t he look great in harness?  He was shown as a yearling with great success but we have not had time to show him since.

‘Little Ginger’ is homebred from our chunky Clothie/Kinlet line and has thrown some good four square stock up to 39.5” from bigger mares.  

 He passed his Voluntary Vetting Examination (VVE) in spring 2013.

Pictured in June 2012 and August 2009.

Photo © Bob Langrish MBE.


Firebird of Spring Cottage ex Cwmhen Beauty (Kinlet Firelight ex Begum of Checkley) Chestnut 38”, born 1990
Stallion no: 4351

A super, well boned stallion with a lot of quality and character. He throws stock in the 39” to 40"  height range, with good bodies and plenty of bone and hair. Bandsman’s children are typically good driving and in-hand types.

Pictured 2004.





1992 to 2017


Coppice Bugle ex Sapphire Faith (Lockinge Giles ex Clothie Fran)
Skewbald 40.5”, born 1992
Stallion no: AB 0564

We were lucky enough to buy Fanfare back in 2002 following the sad loss of his father, Bugle. Fanfare is a good natured, very smart, well marked stallion, dark bay and white, looking almost piebald. He has loads of bone and the most amazing, elevated way of moving, with plenty of hock action.  He has had a big influence on our black and coloured stock.  Produced under saddle by Natalie Greasley in 2007 and 2008, turning heads everywhere he went.

Pictured April 2007 with Nat after winning a huge in-hand coloured class at Rugby...

...and with Tabs at Showlands Elite Evening Performance, September 2008.

(photo by Photo-Kinesis)



1996 to 2013


Firebird of Spring Cottage 3273 ex Cwmhen Beauty 11753 (Kinlet Firelight ex Begum of Checkley)
Blue roan 37.5”, born 1996, licensed 2001
Now gelded

A real chip off the old block. Same lovely blue colour as his dad, 'Blue', same powerful compactness, same funny little mannerisms. Bobby had a very pretty head, lots of bone and feather and was a real gentleman to handle.  He was gelded in autumn 2012 so that he could run out with the colts and have some company, rather than live a solitary life.  He enjoyed his new social circle and had a good winter with hay ad lib and getting the lion's share while the colts deferred to 'Uncle Bobby'.

He came in from the field on 3rd June 2013 with what was clearly a twisted gut and complications so severe that we were helpless to treat it.  He was skipping round the field a few hours earlier, playing with the colts.  Ponies break your heart every time, but you can't be without them...

A dear, sweet little chap, he left us with Coppice Everyman 'Little Ginger', a stonking little stallion himself.  A very sad loss of a gorgeous little pony.

Pictured in April 2011.





1979 to 2007


Kinlet Happy ex Clothie Fran
Bred by Mary Vaughan
Blue roan 36”, born 1979

‘Blue’ was a prolific breeder of chunky, well boned coloured foals in the height range 36” to 38”, with feisty but steady temperaments. He gave us Coppice Bandsman and Coppice Bobby Blue, and the retained daughter Coppice Belle Blue and his grandson Coppice Everyman is now producing another generation of chunky little 'Blues'.

Many years ago Blue handed over stud duties to his sons and retired to the Costa Del Coppice, to enjoy the fruits of his long and illustrious career.  

On 4 October 2007 he decided it was time to say goodbye.  Throughout his long and happy life Blue was never one to be messed with or 'made to do' and so it was at the end - he decided for us that it was time to move on.

Pictured in the early 90's.




1988 - 2002

Seva Little Lord ex Cwmhen Beauty

In June 2002 we were devastated by the loss of our beloved Bugle. He was a truly sweet stallion, kind and patient with his mares, easy to handle and outstandingly handsome. Beauty was carrying him when she came to us from Kathy Clark in 1987, and we couldn’t believe our luck when this chunky, well marked skewbald colt was born the following year.


Over the years, Boogie sired many well made, coloured foals with super temperaments, and although he was only 38”, some of his children have matured at nearly 42”. He was only shown once as a youngster, then came out again at 13 years of age to win the stallion class at the Midlands In Hand Show 2001. 

We didn’t keep a lot of his stock because they sold so well as foals, but we have been lucky enough to buy back his skewbald son, Coppice Fanfare, and also have his daughters Coppice Posy and Coppice Ballerina, as well as his gelding son Coppice Topper.

In the field that he used to share with his mares, which will always be called Bugle’s Field, wild bugle flowers nod in the summer breeze….




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