**** FOR SALE ****


Sapphire Vasheer (black 38")

ex Coppice Felicity (blue roan 38").

Black/blue roan colt to make 38+", born 7th April 2022


Another smashing blue roan from Felicity, stallion potential and show quality for ridden or driven.  (His full brother Coppice Firebird can be seen, four years old and passed his VVE this year.)


Pictured at three months.



**** SOLD ****


Sapphire Vasheer (black 38") ex Riccalton Marigold (grey 40.5")

Bay may go grey filly to make 40+", born 24th may 2022

Elegant filly, very feminine, future top ridden.


Pictured at two weeks.



**** BOOKED ****


Sapphire Vasheer (black 38")

ex Coppice Fleur (steel grey 40/41").

Black (will go grey) colt to make 40.5", born 30th May 2022


Another stunning colt from the 'Flash' family.  Tall and oozing quality, future top ridden and in hand.


Pictured at two weeks.




**** FOR SALE ****


Sapphire Vasheer (black 38"

ex Coppice Butterfly (blue and white, 38").

Piebald may go blue and white colt to make 37/38", born June 2022.


Very chunky, quiet colt with his mother's lovely temperament.  Will make a smashing children's pony and a smart little driver.


Pictured at 4 days.




Sapphire Vasheer (black 38")

ex Coppice Priscilla (grey 40/41").

Bay (possibly grey but not showing signs yet) colt to make 40.5+", born 5th June 2022.


Stonking colt with long legs and movement to die for, pretty head and large eye.  Outstanding performance prospect.


** May be for sale to a showing/competitive home.**


Pictured at 2 days.